Trevor Giuliani “Wasting Your Town”

By One Track Mind on Saturday, June 20th, 2009  |  1,858 views


Trevor Giuliani “Wasting Your Town” Trevor Giuliani “Wasting Your Town”

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On July 21st Trevor Giuliani will release his first LP, Subcontrario (In Stereo), on Dovecote Records. Giuliani began a four year stint in New York City by dropping out of New York University’s musical composition program, opting instead for the real world curriculum offered by the streets of the Lower East Side. After outgrowing this “good incubation space,” he headed out for the relative calm of Portland, where Giuliani composed the songs which would form his debut.

One of my favorite aspects of “Wasting Your Town” is how it seems to ripen more fully with repeated listens. Upon first consideration, it is–much like Giuliani’s vocals–unassuming and timid, but reveals great depth with each passing listen. On this song exhibits, Giuliani exhibits a mature command of pacing, adding or refining layers of instrumentation with patience and purpose. The resultant shifting complexion does not necessarily create an increase in tension but rather a sense of progress, much as the movements in a symphony create a narrative arc. All of the elements dovetail nicely in the final coda, which resists the temptation to work itself up into a loud bang and instead offers a gentle yet puissant release.

If “Wasting Your Town” is a grower, it’s one that is worth the investment, an exercise in elegant, spirited songwriting.

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1 Comments For This Post

  1. Wyatt Says:

    A little better than the normal crap you throw on here. His lyrics suck, though. You’ve got to admit that. I like his vocal delivery and the piano, but that’s only original part of the song. The cheesy synth-horns, extra percussion, and 50’s rock guitar just sort of ruin the charm of the song.