The White Wires “Be True to Your School (Til You Get Kicked Out)”

By Rbt. B. Rutherford on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011  |  1,122 views

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The White Wires “Be True to Your School (Til You Get Kicked Out)” The White Wires “Be True to Your School (Til You Get Kicked Out)”

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If power-pop has taught us anything, it’s that you can craft a powerful song from the simplest of ingredients. The form of a song does not need to be overwrought or built upon obtuse lyrics, glitchy forms, or structured like a symphony to resonate with people; and even though rock music has spawned a thousand forms and new genres sprout daily like Hydra, the move towards complexity and innovation hasn’t curbed the appeal of a melody that is easy to hum, guitars that are loud and chunky, and songs that end way before the three-minute mark. As a form of rock and roll, power-pop continues to show us that relevance can still be had with nothing more than three chords, volume, and the truth.

The White Wires, a Canadian trio, employ these ingredients and nothing more on today’s featured song, “Be True to Your School (Til You Get Kicked Out).” Fuzzy guitars squelch out a quick melody, and the drummer lays out a simple surf beat. The lyrics are sweet and the harmony is as catchy as a kindergarten cold.

Music like this is either instantly loved or loathed, and usually for the same reason: its simplicity. The musical DNA of a band like The White Wires spreads out behind it like a wide wake, and there is not enough room here to even begin to list the derivatives present in this song. Folks who listen to this song will either be turned off by that fact or find themselves content to bounce along, joyously singing along to the songs declaration that “We all need somebody, we all need someone / Listen to your heart.”

“Be True to Your School” is the sixth of twelve tracks on WWII, released this past December 21st by Dirtnap Records.

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  1. j-wo Says:

    This song sounds like it’d go well on a cereal commercial during Sat morning cartoons.

  2. One Track Mind Says:

    (That may be my favorite comment ever.)