The Sea and Cake “Up on the North Shore”

By Emily Becker on Monday, April 25th, 2011  |  3,133 views

Indie Rock

The Sea and Cake “Up on the North Shore” The Sea and Cake “Up on the North Shore”

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Consider the argument: Chicago quartet The Sea and Cake are the Steely Dan of indie rock. It isn’t because The Sea and Cake’s Sam Prekop and Archer Prewit (the Donald Fagan and Walter Becker in this scenario) employ oodles of session musicians or casually mention drug use in practically every song. No, The Sea and Cake resembles Steely Dan because both bands have created an unmistakable, indelible sound that is recognizable after about a measure of any song. There is no other band that sounds even one bit like either one of them.

Is “Up on the North Shore” just another Sea and Cake song? Listen as it climbs all those familiar sonic toeholds to ascend to greatness. Prekop’s breathy, syncopated vocals dominate the song. When Prekop sings, “I held my breath / Nothing to it,” you’d best believe him. Like any other gifted pro, Prekop makes it look easy.

The rhythm section, composed of Eric Claridge and John McEntire, maintains its allegiance to the band’s calling card, “Jacking the Ball,” a song that kicked off the band’s eponymous debut way back in 1994. A variety of guitar effects modulate “Up on the North Shore’s” musical barometer, varying from repetitive, riffy jangles to more open, yearning twangs.

Yes, “Up on the North Shore” is just another Sea and Cake song. As such, it’s a song that longtime fans will embrace, and newcomers is a perfect introduction to a singular band.

Find “Up on the North Shore” on the Sea and Cake’s forthcoming EP, The Moonlight Butterfly, which will be out on May 10, 2011 courtesy of Thrill Jockey.

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