The Mekons “Space in Your Face”

By Brad Reno on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011  |  911 views

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The Mekons “Space in Your Face” The Mekons “Space in Your Face”

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If the only thing The Mekons had ever accomplished with their career was to be, along with The Fall, the last band standing from the original wave of British punk, they would still be worthy of respect. Keeping a band together for nearly 35 years without any hiatuses or prolonged absences is not an easy feat, especially with a mostly stable line-up for at least the past 25 years. (By contrast, The Fall survives as a band by employing a line-up that could charitably be called “ever-evolving.”)

However, The Mekons have a lot more than longevity going for them. Since they first surfaced in 1977 as part of the great Leeds punk scene that also spawned Gang of Four and Delta 5, The Mekons have created a rich catalog of intelligent, politically-minded rock & roll, veering between roaring punk and twangy alt-country in the process.

“Space In Your Face,” a track from the band’s eighteenth studio album, Ancient & Modern, finds The Mekons firmly inhabiting the rock end of their spectrum. It’s a roaring barn-burner reminiscent of the classic 1989 album The Mekons Rock & Roll. Jon Langford spits out his vocals in a voice that recalls Joe Strummer’s rasp, with supportive harmony vocals from his long-time foil Sally Timms. It’s a spirited performance that shows that The Mekons have lost none of their ’77-era fire during their long career.

The Mekons are one of the last continuous links to the epochal period in rock & roll history that spawned them. But far from being a living museum piece like many other bands that last over three decades, The Mekons continue to churn out work every bit as vital as they have during every phase of their career. Few people would have pegged The Mekons to be the band still around in 2011 back in 1977, but it’s hard to imagine any other band who could’ve carried punk’s torch any impressively.

Ancient & Modern is slated for a September 27th release via the newly minted Sin Record Label.

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