The Head and the Heart “Lost in My Mind”

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Alt-Country, Indie-Pop

The Head and the Heart “Lost in My Mind” The Head and the Heart “Lost in My Mind”

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To call The Head and the Heart‘s eponymous debut a new release would be somewhat misleading. Although it was made widely available for the first time on April 16th through a re-pressing by Sub Pop, The Head and the Heart was initially self-released by the Seattleites in June of the previous year. (The Sub Pop version carries a re-recorded song here, a new addition there, and remastering throughout.)

One of the album’s highlights is the spacious vista of “Lost in My Mind,” a mellow song that dips its toes in alt-country waters without taking the plunge completely. The cut proffers plaintive acoustic guitar strums and jaunty piano melodies but there is no doubt that the vocals are the main attraction here.

“Lost in My Mind” is driven by Josiah Johnson and Jonathan Russell’s interlocking vocal harmonies; the pair possess an exceptional partnership, their voices seemingly destined to intertwine like many of the great songwriting duos who preceded them. Whether it’s the train whistle “ooh-ooooh”s that lead into some of the verses or the subtle highlighting of phrases throughout, Johnson and Russell give their band’s sound a dazzling polish which is wholly unnatural for a group that had only been together for a couple of years prior to venturing into the studio together.

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