The Echo-Friendly “Same Mistakes”

By Brad Reno on Monday, August 22nd, 2011  |  9,448 views

Indie Rock

The Echo-Friendly “Same Mistakes” The Echo-Friendly “Same Mistakes”

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“Same Mistakes,” a track by the Memphis and Brooklyn-based combo The Echo-Friendly, plays like ‘90s indie-poppers such as Papas Fritas and Small Factory filtered through The xx. The hushed boy/girl interplay of the vocals and the languid, late night ambience of the song recall xx tracks like “VCR” and “Heart Skipped a Beat,” while the lo-fi presentation brings to mind the Pavement descended pop of songs like Papas Fritas’ Way You Walk” or Small Factory’s “Valentine.”

The Echo-Friendly is centered on the on-again/off-again romantic relationship of vocalists “Jump Back” Jake Rabinbach and Shannon Esper. “Same Mistakes” is suffused with the sort of history such couples accrue – a history of break-ups that never seem to last any longer than the reconciliations manage to. It’s an anthem to constantly repeating the same patterns and of clinging to what’s comfortable even when you know deep down it’s not going to work out for the best.

One of John Lennon’s most famous post-Beatles lyrics was “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” “Same Mistakes” is a song for everyone who feels like their life is still in that planning phase, an endless holding pattern in which the same things keep playing out over and over while you wait for your adult life to finally begin in earnest. In other words, it’s a song for just about everybody.

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  1. The Crux Says:

    Wow, this is good. This is really good. Refreshing music.