Snowmine “Beast in Air, Beast in Water”

By Brad Reno on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011  |  4,073 views

Indie Rock

Snowmine “Beast in Air, Beast in Water” Snowmine “Beast in Air, Beast in Water”

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Grayson Sanders, leader of Brooklyn’s Snowmine, has a background in classical music and it shows. “Beast in Air, Beast in Water,” a track from Snowmine’s debut Laminate Pet Animal, betrays a classical musician’s ear for structure, orchestration, and drama.

The first movement of “Beast in Air, Beast in Water” begins with languid guitars over percussion before hushed vocals enter the picture. More voices enter in harmony when the song bursts into its bright chorus. More instruments are added to the mix until there are string and horn sections swirling around the main melody. The vocal harmonies get more complex until the song reaches its racing crescendo and string sections reminiscent of John Barry help it along to its conclusion.

In addition to his classical grasp of music, Sanders demonstrates a poet’s way with words. His lyrics are impressionistic but evocative. “Tell me that you long for me,” he sings at the song’s rousing climax. “That you share all of my troubles / You get all the voices in my head are yelling / And my friends can’t hear a thing / And I’m a far cry from the old me.” It’s an effective statement of the longing to understand and be understood by another human being.

Snowmine are still a relatively unknown band, but on the strength of “Beast in Air, Beast in Water” they shouldn’t stay that way for long. This is a band with a huge amount of ambition with the talent and ability to see their ambition through.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    This is so beautiful

  2. emma Says:

    lord of the flies reference in title, the name of two chapters

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