Restless People “Days of Our Lives”

By One Track Mind on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010  |  3,579 views

Electro-pop, House

Restless People “Days of Our Lives” Restless People “Days of Our Lives”

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Brooklyn foursome Restless People may be a relatively new act on listeners’ radars–their eponymous debut LP won’t be released until September 14th by IAMSOUND–but their sound will be familiar to those who have kept up with recent releases by Caribou, Deastro, and Delorean. Restless People‘s eight songs borrow a hard edge from 1990s house music as well as a heaping helping of the pan-global, post-everything mélange of the aforementioned groups, an auditory approach that nods in many directions while performing the sleight of hand of not sounding too much like any of its inspirations.

The forthcoming record kicks off with “Days of Our Lives,” a thunderous, drum machine driven single whose percussive elements are as piercing as the synthesized air horn which occasionally makes its presence known. Repetition is the central theme at play throughout the song: all of its lyrics are refrains, vocal samples stutter out with insistence, keyboards thump out patterened melodies, and an angry faux snare hammers out in a frantic Morse code. Restless People’s music is an unapologetic bash–as in both the noun and the verb–and this will assuredly make it unpalatable for some listeners. However, for those willing to engage in the noisy delirium there is an intense energy to be enjoyed throughout “Days of Our Lives,” a song which may prove to be a template for a lot of the music we’ll be hearing over the next few years.

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