PS I Love You “2012″

By One Track Mind on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010  |  5,560 views

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PS I Love You “2012″ PS I Love You “2012″

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Once you’ve heard Ontario duo PS I Love You‘s music, it will come as no surprise to learn that they will soon be opening concerts for acts including Japandroids and Frog Eyes. They share those bands’ predilection for noisy mixes, with their angular guitars riffs pointing less to Talking Heads and more to Mission of Burma. However, unlike most groups who require four or five members to give flight to their tunes, Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson suffuse their work with an explosive efficiency; there isn’t a single wasted note on “2012,” the third track from their just-released debut LP, Meet Me at the Muster Station.

Clocking in at well under three minutes, “2012” has an energy that is almost tangible–it’s bursting at the seams with enough distortion-swamped melody to make even J. Mascis turn his head. It’s a ferocious track, all fiery and impassioned, but it never alienates with its force. Something in Saulnier’s yawping falsetto is strangely comforting, as is the hypnotic guitar line which bookends the song.

PS I Love You sound like a band one Pitchfork rave away from being the next big thing, an honest to goodness rock ‘n roll band in an age when such curiosities are becoming increasingly rare. Turn your speakers way up and enjoy them before your friends do.

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Em Says:

    Wolf Paradey!

  2. Zane Says:

    Wow, this is fresh. RnR!

  3. som Says:

    Raw and beautiful. love it

  4. Lewis Says:

    Vocals are not loud enough in the mix.