Peter Bjorn & John “Second Chance (RAC mix)”

By Emily Becker on Monday, June 13th, 2011  |  1,944 views

Electro-pop, Indie-Pop

Peter Bjorn & John “Second Chance (RAC mix)” Peter Bjorn & John “Second Chance (RAC mix)”

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Peter Bjorn & John make music that begs for to be remixed. The Swedish trio often gives the gift of remixing as frequently as they receive it. (Their remix of The Shins‘ “Australia” is still worth a listen.) “Second Chance” started out as an uptempo, cowbell-saturated nugget of danceable pop. The remix courtesy of the RAC (Remix Artist Collective) breaks the back of the original’s strong, percussive spine, by softening the hard edges with misty synths and piano.

Yet the RAC’s version of “Second Chance” remains propulsive, illuminating Peter Morén’s vocals. RAC go for ambience on their version of “Second Chance,” using the backing vocals to imbue the track with a layer of gauzy melody. A simple chord substitutes for the cowbell, buoying “Second Chance” along on an ebullient current. In sum, the remix’s full effect filters “Second Chance” through an 1980s synth-pop lens that is employed judiciously enough to remain artful.

Find the original version of “Second Chance” on Gimme Some, Peter, Bjorn and John’s latest full length release, which Sony released in conjunction with Almost Gold at the of March 2011.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Shane M. Liebler Says:

    Typically love RAC’s stuff — and I’m not a big remix guy. This one just seems to suck all the fun out of the original. The crunchy guitar riffs really drive this tune. This one is totally neutered — sounds like an easy-listening 80s track or something. A rare miss by RAC!

  2. Tory Says:

    Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good ifonrmtiaon.