Parlovr “Hell, Heaven”

By Brad Reno on Monday, November 22nd, 2010  |  1,232 views

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Parlovr “Hell, Heaven” Parlovr “Hell, Heaven”

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Montreal’s Parlovr (pronounced Parlor) describe their sound as “sloppy pop,” which sums it up pretty well. However, it’s not sloppy in the manner of the legions of ‘90s-vintage indie slackers who worried that bothering to play in tune might betray a dangerous level of serious intent on their parts. Rather, sloppy in Parlovr’s case would seem to indicate an exuberant willingness to go for broke and to take a shot at the grand gesture.

Parlovr describe “Hell, Heaven,” the lead-off track from their latest EP, Hell / Heaven / Big / Love, as their impression of what a childhood in the Middle East would be like. While it’s not particularly easy to figure out what the lyrics concerning black statues and white statues have to say about the situation, exactly, the way the band builds the song around competing parts is at least partially effective in suggesting how they feel it must be like to live in a land that three major religions profess to love and are willing to blow to bits to prove it.

Interlocking, circular guitar parts carry the song from its muted opening drone until they break into a sort of call and response of simple riffs. The call and response motif continues into the chorus, where a shouted “Hell, Heaven, leave it to the man with the weapons” is matched with a more hooky pop answer “I’ve been wasting time, trying to decide.” Under it all is a simple martial beat and an ominous synthesizer rumble.

Whether Parlovr actually has anything particularly substantive to say about the knottiest political problem in the world today is debatable and largely beside the point. They’re a sloppy pop band, not statesmen. But it’s that desire to actually be about something beyond the band’s ability to express it matched with pop chops that makes “Hell, Heaven” memorable.

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