No Age “You’re A Target”

By One Track Mind on Thursday, August 27th, 2009  |  5,499 views

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No Age “You’re A Target” No Age “You’re A Target”

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Don’t even try to fathom how the southern California duo No Age generates such a wall of sound with only two members–it just might make your head explode. Over the course of an EP and two full-length records, the band has amassed an ardent core of followers in both the public and critical spheres, and quite deservedly so. No Age somehow manage to meld the shoegazers’ endless loops of distortion pedals, the ferocity and cocksure swagger of the New York art-noise kids of the early ’80s, and even the melodic sensibilities of the most buffed power-pop nuggets. It is a lot to swish around the palate, but the band has proven themselves up to the task, frequently creating phenomenal music that confounds expectations.

On October 6th, Sub Pop will release the band’s latest work, a four song EP entitled Losing Feeling, of which “You’re A Target” is a foretaste. It’s opening eighteen seconds–a swell of feedback and digital delay–belie the track’s rapid clip and mighty momentum. Dean Spunt (who by some miraculous, mysterious process somehow handles both vocal and drumming duties) sings, “If you’re a target, then I guess I’m one, too,” which offers a metaphoric parallel to the sense of paranoid freneticism on display. Meanwhile, guitarist Randy Randall keeps both hands occupied with a variegated mix of brick-heavy chords, jackhammer strums, and wobbly riffs.

Together, the two turn “You’re A Target” into a sonic skyscraper, stacking up storey after storey of instrumentation. The key to their brilliance, however, is being able to always see the blueprint in the midst of the chaos of construction. One is unlikely to hear a track this year that so deftly balances density with melody, and that is the real source of No Age’s strength.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Alexandra Says:

    I really like the beginning. Though I think it may get a little sloppy when he starts singing & tries to keep up with the beat of the music. Overall its decent but I’m not crazy about it.

  2. tclopetfan Says:

    of all the drums-guitar duos popping up, black keys are by far the best and no one can touch them.

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