Mr. Brady “Catch (featuring Aloe Blacc)”

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Mr. Brady “Catch (featuring Aloe Blacc)” Mr. Brady “Catch (featuring Aloe Blacc)”

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What San Diego producer and emcee Mr. Brady may lack in name recognition he certainly makes up in credibility. Since 1995, Mr. Brady has been making beats, starting labels, nurturing hip-hop collectives, and releasing albums under his own name. His latest LP, Labor of Love, provides a telling snapshot of his signature style: a predilection for the conscious, early ’90s sound which favored jazzy, soulful samples and a more relaxed lyrical flow.

On “Catch,” Mr. Brady welcomes fellow west coaster and Stones Throw artist Aloe Blacc into the mix–not to sing, as he’s been making his mark lately, but returning to his earlier roots as a rapper. The partnership makes for a cozy fit, with the net effect especially reminiscent of one of our other favorite hip-hop artists as of late, Versis.

As the track draws to a close, Blacc remarks about wanting to “take the hip hop game back over” and “clean it up,” and really, the genre doesn’t get much cleaner than the sound of “Catch” with its mellow loop and easy groove. It’s sexy, too, in a way that little hip-hop is these days, with Blacc’s verses hugging those musical curves.

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