Mount Moriah “Lament”

By One Track Mind on Friday, June 17th, 2011  |  5,060 views

Alt-Country, Indie-Pop

Mount Moriah “Lament” Mount Moriah “Lament”

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Mount Moriah‘s “Lament” is like the quiet girl at the prom who you secretly have the world’s biggest crush on. She does her own thing–she isn’t overly done-up like the others who are trying too hard–and there is something about that comfort in her own skin that makes her all the more enticing.

Coming to a halt a mere two and a half minutes after it began, “Lament” exhibits the best sort of economy you can find in a song, the type which leaves your appetite whetted and ready for seconds. A shaker, a tambourine, and a melancholy guitar part are enough to get things going, setting the stage for Heather McEntire’s vocals. They are a bewitching set of pipes, too, with as much Parton as Brownstein in them. A bass line soon joins McEntire, skittering along the surface along with some subtle organ underpinning.

The recipe is simple… but the best ones often are. McEntire’s titular invocation (“If this will be anything / Then let it be over”) is similarly pointed yet effective, making the whole song feel incredibly lean with nary a note wasted.

Such efficiency is especially surprising given the amount of collaborators who joined McEntire and her bandmate Jenks Miller on Mount Moriah, the band’s eponymous debut released this past May by Holidays for Quince Records. Members of (previous OTM featured act) Megafaun, St. Vincent, Dean & Britta, and Team Dresch all pitched in to help the Chapel Hill, North Carolina duo flesh out their sound. Wouldn’t you know it: that quiet girl turns out to have her fair share of admirers.

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  1. Max Says:

    Easily my favorite song of 2011