Lali Puna “Remember”

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Lali Puna “Remember” Lali Puna “Remember”

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It has been nearly six years since Germany indie-electronic act Lali Puna released their last album, 2004’s excellent Faking the Books. Beginning with Tridecoder in 1999 (their first release for their permanent home, Berlin’s Morr Music), Lali Puna and peers such as Figurine laid the template that would later be emulated and later popularized by acts like The Postal Service. While singer Valerie Trebeljahr has become the face of the band thanks to her breathy vocals, the boys who flank her on stage don’t have shabby pedigrees, either: keyboardist Christian Heiß is a member of Tied & Tickled Trio, as is Markus Acher, who also spends time as a member of The Notwist.

April 1st will see the release of Our Inventions, Lali Puna’s fourth full-length release. Especially after so much time off, it is an impressive return to form, blending the band’s established sound with new, more contemporary flourishes. It doesn’t hurt that Lali Puna was always a little ahead of the game, but now their music fits into a more established nook in the electronic landscape. “Remember” isn’t a dark song per se, but it wears an elegant shroud of a certain minor key moodiness. Trebeljahr’s vocals are as lithe and enchanting as ever, and the music she sings over is more nuanced than before. A throbbing synthesizer provides an inconspicuous buzz beneath the choruses while drum machine hi-hats and chiming bells tug and push one another. The final moments of “Remember” are especially compelling, with the repeated vocal refrain of “Will you remember me?” gradually bleeding into the foreground. For those new to the band, “Remember” provides an opportune entry point into what is a a solid back catalog, while longtime Lali Puna fans will be able to rejoice in the group’s continued forward momentum.

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