LAKE “Madagascar”

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LAKE “Madagascar” LAKE “Madagascar”

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K Records act LAKE turned a few heads last fall with the release of their debut album, Oh, The Places We’ll Go. A full year will not have elapsed before their second LP, Let’s Build A Roof, hits stores on October 6th. This expediency probably has nothing to do with commercial ambition and everything to do with the fact that LAKE is a group of friends who clearly derive a lot of satisfaction from the collaborative and creative processes of making music. The glee they take in songwriting is evident in most of their recorded material–not necessarily in terms of their songs taking an upbeat tone, but rather in the vitality which suffuses their compositions.

“Madagascar” is a prime example of this, a song whose exotic title matches the stiff funkiness of its rhythms. It’s is part late 1970s/early ’80s lite radio pastiche, part electric piano fueled indie-pop, but it’s clear the whole production is a sincere, unironic statement. Female vocals interject themselves into the choruses, sometimes receiving a dub-style echo chamber treatment, and the guitars throughout receive that genre’s restrained approach. The uncomplicated groove quietly shelters many instrumental embellishments; listen closely and the layers of trebly percussion and distorted synthesizers slowly begin to assert themselves.

At its heart, “Madagascar” is a quintessential Monday jam, just lifting enough to get you excited about facing the day but still gentle enough to wake you up slowly.

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Jared Says:

    LAKE is one of the best bands around.

  2. Nina Says:

    They are not all related, are they?
    Starts off strong, though I think it could be cut at the 2 min mark.

  3. miggsduh Says:

    cute. after playing 7 times, i can conclude it’s playlist-worthy. fun.

  4. tclopetfan Says:

    sounds like a white boy version of earth wind fire meets lionel richie. that sounds like either a compliment or an extreme insult, but i actually don’t think the song is alright.