Korallreven “As Young As Yesterday”

By Brad Reno on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012  |  641 views

Dream-pop, Electro-pop

Korallreven “As Young As Yesterday” Korallreven “As Young As Yesterday”

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Just knowing the DNA that makes up “As Young As Yesterday” by the Swedish duo Korallreven makes it hard to imagine any way it could be a dud. One half of the combo is Daniel Tjäder of The Radio Dept., a band that has yet to take a false step in its decade-plus existence. Guest vocals are provided by Victoria Bergsman of Taken By Trees (and formerly of The Concretes and the female voice on Peter, Bjorn & John’s “Young Folks”), another artist with a long history of uninterrupted awesomeness. If there’s a more can’t-miss combination than Bergsman and a member of The Radio Dept. working together, it’s not obvious to me.

Predictably enough, they don’t miss. While “As Young As Yesterday” has a much harsher electronic edge than The Radio Dept., Tjäder and bandmate Marcus Joons still bring a hefty chunk of that band’s atmosphere to the proceedings. Korallreven tops a booming electronica beat with a swooning dream-pop tune while assorted other melodies and instruments swirl through the mix, seeming to come and go as they please – listening to the percussion track alone reveals an ever-shifting foundation at the base of the song, morphing from skittering drum & bass rhythms to handclaps and back again. Bergsman contributes an ethereal female counterpoint to the ruckus the boys are whipping up, often joined by a processed voice sounding more than a little like Alvin the Chipmunk.

It’s a delightful piece of work that tosses booming electronics, slippery percussion, ethereal atmospherics, and a just a touch of outright goofiness into the blender and makes them all work together seamlessly. Korallreven is further proof (for the few people who would still need such proof) that in the 21st Century, Scandinavia takes a back seat to no other region in the pop music world.

Click here to listen to An Album by Korallreven on Spotify.

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