Kiss in Cities “U R My Girl”

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Kiss in Cities “U R My Girl” Kiss in Cities “U R My Girl”

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Over the past few decades, the British city of Manchester has proved to be a fertile proving ground for musicians, producing acts like Elbow, The Smiths, The Chemical Brothers, The Verve, Doves, The Stone Roses, and Oasis (just to name a few). While it has spawned a handful of great bands that touched upon a 1980s/early ’90s dance vibe (e.g. New Order, The Happy Mondays), it’s safe to say that Manchester has never before given birth to a group quite like Kiss in Cities. The duo of Joe Cross and Laura Marsden–who also spend time as half of (We Are) Performance–are beginning to make a name for themselves by building songs that brilliantly capture the unbridled energy that made the ’80s such a great decade for the dancefloor.

If you didn’t know any better, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking “U R My Girl” was a smash hit from the era that you had somehow missed all these years. Over a canvas of stuttered vocal loops, cheesy keyboards, and chirping synths, Marsden pipes “Sisters, don’t give in/We’re living in a warrior’s world.” Even if it is lightweight as far as feminist sentiments go, it is all the more surprising considering the fluorescent colors with which the pair paint their music; the whole affair is positively Dayglo. “U R My Girl” begs for comparisons to Stacey Q, Debbie Deb (and Debbie Gibson), and Madonna during her high-spirited early days, but the truth is that Kiss in Cities is even more bubblegummy than those torchbearers. The song is impeccably produced with perfectly hewn details (from the overlapping drum machine and “live” kit to the background shouts) and is more deserving of the word “fun” than just about any song you’re likely to hear in 2009… or 1985.

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