Kings of Convenience “Mrs. Cold”

By One Track Mind on Monday, October 26th, 2009  |  5,315 views

Alt-Folk, Indie-Pop

Kings of Convenience “Mrs. Cold” Kings of Convenience “Mrs. Cold”

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Five years have elapsed since Bergen, Norway’s Kings of Convenience last released an album. For fans of the duo, the wait has been a cruel, interminable winter–the warm tones of their first two LPs radiating just enough heat to get through those chilly nights. With the release of Declaration of Dependence last Tuesday, however, the thaw has at long last come in the form of Eirik Glambek Bøe’s soft guitar strums and cool harmonies, and Erlend Øye’s characteristic croon. Record number three is another twee classic brimming with the restrained instrumentation and august melodies which made the pair’s 2001 debut such a tour de force. While Kings of Convenience don’t necessarily shake things up with this long awaited release, there is much to be said for not fussing around with a sound so elegant in its simplicity.

“Mrs. Cold,” Declaration of Dependence‘s second track, is quintessential Kings of Convenience. Øye’s nonchalant intonations carry the vocal lead, frequently joined by Glambek Bøe’s smooth harmonies. Acoustic guitars sigh as fingers slide across frets. A plucked bass modestly provides the counterpoint while some strings quietly work up their confidence as the song unfolds. There is no percussion to speak of, just the rhythmic massaging of guitar strings. As Øye draws near the track’s conclusion, he informs the song’s subject that “love is just a game we’re both playing and we can’t get enough of.” Much like “Mrs. Cold,” as it so happens–a tune whose inconspicuous ingredients belie a catchiness and pleasure you won’t be able to get enough of.

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. Kris Says:

    Love the melogies, but I can’t get past the accents!

  2. julia Says:

    lol at the “songs parents might like” tag.

    just wanted to ask if you’re on so i can add you as a fav blogger.

  3. Josh Says:

    Hooray! They’re among my favorites so I’m very excited to hear they have a new release. Thanks for the good news One Track Mind!

  4. One Track Mind Says:


    For some reason, rejected our application to be indexed. It doesn’t make any sense to us, and despite our emails to them, they won’t provide any reason for the exclusion. You should drop them a note recommending the site… We are a part of, though.

  5. miggs Says:

    5 years!this is like Achtung Baby! – without the sold-out international stadium tour. Phew. yur lame.

  6. Jennifer Kincaid Says:

    Love this bossa nova-like sound.

  7. Kris Says:

    Alright, after a second listen it’s OK!

  8. Itsashirt T shirts Says:

    Nice duette! Love the sound.

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