Keith Canisius “People’s Faces (radio edit)”

By One Track Mind on Friday, November 12th, 2010  |  1,942 views


Keith Canisius “People’s Faces (radio edit)” Keith Canisius “People’s Faces (radio edit)”

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It was a little over a year ago that we featured a track from the Massachusetts-born Danish transplant had built a solid reputation as one of the brightest lights on the post-shoegaze landscape. Through his acclaimed work as half of Rumskib as well as his solo efforts, Canisius garnered a praise for filtering My Bloody Valentine’s dense dalliances through a blissed-out fog reminiscent of the more spacious horizons of Cocteau Twins’ catalog.

With his third solo LP, This Time It’s Our High, Canisius paints those vaporous strokes on a much broader canvas. By his own admission, influences this time around included the implosive pop fits of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and the buzzy, tripped-out stylings of Deerhunter. Not only is this an honest self-assessment by Canisius, but it’s also an approach that suits him better than anything he has done previously.

While “People’s Faces” (presented here in a truncated format two minutes shorter than the album version) still has the spirit of Slowdive coursing through its veins, the expanded palette allows this track to command the listener’s attention more than Canisius’ earlier work. Its graceful segues move the song through distinct passages so easily that, when one comes to the end of the song, it’s difficult to remember just how differently it began. Sure, there are clattering guitars, buzzing synthesizers, falsetto harmonies, and those requisite skyrocketing melodies… but if you listen closely, what you’ll hear is the sound of a talented artist embracing his singular, transfixing voice.

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