Kacey Johansing “Angel Island”

By One Track Mind on Friday, July 30th, 2010  |  3,523 views

Alt-Folk, Indie-Pop

Kacey Johansing “Angel Island”

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Kacey Johansing has a voice strong enough to sell a million records without even trying; her lissome, jazzy vibrato radiates warmth and comfort. Entrusted to another person, such talent could easy fall prey to more straightforwardly poppy proscriptions, but thankfully Johansing doesn’t intend to be the next Norah Jones. Instead, the San Francisco based songwriter lends her vocal vim to introspective alt-folk compositions which spotlight the stunning clarity and emotion of her singing.

On June 15th, Johansing made her debut with a collection of eleven songs entitled Many Seasons. Released by Porto Franco Records, the album was three years in the making and establishes the twenty-five year old not as a promising talent, but as an artist who has already arrived. “Angel Island,” the record’s mellow, five-minute long third track, has Johansing crooning over a base of plaintive percussion and evanescent electric guitar. Where most songs draw their emotional heft from swells of instrumentation, “Angel Island” is powered by Johansing’s subtle vocal modulations. The whole thing is a resplendent reverie; it sweeps you off your feet and–ever so gently–sets you back down in reality when it whispers itself to a close.

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