[ingenting] “Halleluja!”

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[ingenting] “Halleluja!” [ingenting] “Halleluja!”

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I once asked a member of Sweden’s The Mary Onettes why the band sang in English instead of their native Swedish and he shot me a quizzical expression, as though he’d never stopped to consider the matter himself. “I don’t know, it just sounds better,” he rationalized, but I never quite bought that answer. For a country with countless amazing bands, Sweden boasts a surprisingly small number of bands who sing exclusively in their mother tongue. Of them, [ingenting] may very well be the best. Over the course of several EPs and LPs for the powerhouse Labrador Records label, the act has carved out a comfortable niche for themselves in the indie-pop community. On September 9th, the band (whose name translates to “[nothing]”) will release their latest full-length, entitled Tomhet, idel tomhet, from which “Halleluja!” is the first single.

As its name implies, “Halleluja!” strikes a triumphant tone from the very first of its lush opening notes. The rich, layered sound is one which has become almost iconically Scandinavian as of late; the band’s Swedish contemporaries such as The Concretes, Sambassadeur, and The Acid House Kings all do it well, as do other foreign peers like Camera Obscura.

[ingenting] doesn’t paint the whole thing in one color, though–there is some beautiful minor key work later on which, in tandem with the intensifying orchestration near the final fade, provides a supple quality to the song. “Halleluja!” is by turns grand and sweeping, then trim and temperate. The band possesses a flawless sense of when to give things a little more gas and when to put some weight on the brakes, and the result is an irreproachably tuned bit of songwriting. Luckily for us, [ingenting] is clearly in no short supply of strapping melodies.

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Alexandra Says:

    From The Sounds, to True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard, to the movie Let The Right One In and now these guys! I’m starting to fall in love with Sweden!

    This song has a nice whimsical tone even though I have no idea what they’re saying.

  2. ejaa Says:

    this is a total rip off of a-ha’s take on me (another swedish band oddly enough). but the chords are the same and the melody is really similar as well as some of the backing riffs

  3. Whirlygig Says:

    That’s a really interesting observation. Now that you mention it I can hear the similarities. But to say that it’s “a total rip off” is a bit much, no?

    I assume the riff you mention is the piano part at the beginning but that is essentially just playing down a scale. I’m not sure anyone else would hear this and think “a-ha”

    Besides, how many millions of songs have the same chord progression? That hardly makes them rip offs of each other.

  4. Aone Says:

    “a-ha” is an norwegian band not a swedish band, somewhere abroad you might think that scandinavia is one instead of diffrent countries – that´s not true. To make “take on me” and “halleluja” to a similarity is to far out to be real. Anyway there´s lots of songs out there with similar chords, that will not be a point to make thees two similar.

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