Idjut Boys “Going Down”

By One Track Mind on Monday, July 9th, 2012  |  770 views

Dream-pop, Electro-pop

Idjut Boys “Going Down” Idjut Boys “Going Down”

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There is a an easy glide to “Going Down,” the first single from the “new” London duo known as Idjut Boys. Its twists and turns are all gentle and entrancing; there isn’t a sharp corner to be found. If there is anything resembling a hook during the song’s five-minute duration it comes in the form of an odd juxtaposition, namely the gently cooed and heavily echoed titular question: “Why you going down to hell for love?”

However “Going Down” is about moodiness more than memorability. It floats like a cloud drifting in and out of one’s field of vision, all nimble and light-footed. It isn’t insubstantial, it’s just shooting for something more elusive than most songs, and listeners are likely to either find that empyreal quality off-putting or intoxicating. The latter requires more from a listener–patience and openness–but both are well warranted by this production.

Despite the fact that neither Daniel Tyler nor Conrad McConnell, the pair of record label owners and DJs behind the act, know how to play an instrument per se or have credits as producers on their résumés, the act of production is really what Idjut Boys is all about. Their sound feels like tinkering more than composition which imparts a slightly dubby feel to the proceedings; instrumentation leaves and re-enters the mix without much warning.

A Man Called Adam‘s Sally Rodgers provides the vocals throughout and one gets the sense that “Going Down” may be as much of a reflection of her direction as a singer as it has to do with the Boys in question. That collaborative spirit (perhaps, indeed, out of necessity) is something that informs all of the tracks on Cellar Door, a debut LP which marks the culmination of Tyler and McConnel’s nearly two decade stint in the music business. Look for it July 24th via the always enigmatic Smalltown Supersound label.

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