Iceage “White Rune”

By Brad Reno on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011  |  2,006 views

Indie Rock

Iceage “White Rune”

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I’m a relatively old coot and can remember the halcyon days of my high school years of 1978-81 with relative clarity. One of the things I remember most clearly are trips to the inexplicably hip used record store near my resolutely un-hip hometown, where on a weekly basis mysterious import albums from across the sea would turn up in the racks of vinyl. They’d have unfamiliar but intriguing names and were usually festooned with austere and striking cover art by the likes of Peter Saville or Malcolm Garrett. They were mysterious objects, inspiring a sense of awe as one could only wonder what sounds they might contain, as there was nowhere on radio to hear such things and sources like this site wouldn’t exist for decades.

These were, of course, the great bands of the post-punk movement – people like Joy Division, The Au Pairs, OMD, Kate Bush, Throbbing Gristle, The Passage, Comsat Angels, Killing Joke, et al. The greatness of those albums is part of the historical record now, but at the time they were just new and unfamiliar bands to take a flyer on – you’d plunk down your $5, then drive home with a mix of anticipation and impatience until you could get them on the stereo. Then the needle would hit the grooves and urgent, demanding music that sounded nothing at all like Styx or REO Speedwagon or the other popular bands of the day would pour out of the speakers. It was like stumbling onto a secret power source that you couldn’t fathom how everyone else you knew was missing.

We’re a decade into the post-punk revival now, and although there have been several excellent bands to emerge from that scene, few have ever been able to replicate the feeling of discovering one of those great bands back in 1980. But the youngsters in Denmark’s Iceage have nailed it on “White Rune.” It starts out sounding like a cross between Fad Gadget and Gang of Four before exploding into a furious gallop that burns itself out after a mere two minutes but leaves the listener feeling breathless. It’s a helluva thing.

The average age of the members of Iceage is seventeen, but they perfectly capture the feeling of the music I was discovering when I was their age. This song doesn’t feel like something I first heard on a digital stream. It sounds like something I would’ve found on a Saturday afternoon at the long-gone and still lamented DJ’s Records and immediately copied onto a homemade 8-track, sandwiched in between Tubeway Army and Magazine. I can’t think of a better compliment to pay a band.

Catch “White Rune” plus eleven other tracks on New Brigade, the band’s debut album set for a June 21st release courtesy of What’s Your Rupture?

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  1. miggs Says:

    Right on, Brad Reno! You nailed it.

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