HTRK “Eat Yr Heart”

By Rbt. B. Rutherford on Tuesday, July 12th, 2011  |  1,046 views

Dream-pop, Experimental Pop

HTRK “Eat Yr Heart” HTRK “Eat Yr Heart”

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Like a make-out session infused with laudanum and bad vibes, HTRK‘s (pronounced “hate rock”) “Eat Yr Heart,” off of their debut record Work (work, work), slinks along with sensual discomfort. Beginning with 808 beats slowed to a`mere trickle of momentum, the song builds into its compelling weirdness with an oscillating bass line, delay-heavy vocals, and fleeting synth lines that seem to bubble up from the low end and drift back into the ether.

The overall effect bears the ache of longing, a physical drag of unfulfilled lust. Singer Jonnine Standish’s voice is hushed and struck, and half-whispered lines like “You fill me up / then make me starve” come off as sexy and depraved in equal measure. It’s that familiar mix of sexiness and sorrow that make this track work so well. The thin line that separates those two things can be blurred, our lust a disappointing affirmation of the vast difference between wanting and attainment.

Work (work, work) will receive a domestic release courtesy of Ghostly International on September 6th.

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