Horse Stories “Hummingbird (We’ll Be Okay)”

By One Track Mind on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009  |  4,031 views

Alt-Country, Alt-Folk

Horse Stories “Hummingbird (We’ll Be Okay)” Horse Stories “Hummingbird (We’ll Be Okay)”

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If there is truly no rest for the wicked, Toby Burke must be one bad dude. He released his third album under the Horse Stories name four years ago, but the intervening years have kept him ridiculously busy. In this span, Burke has released two collections of short stories, produced a major gallery art installation, done some record production and film scoring, put out two records of instrumental experimental music, and moved from his native Australia to the hip hood of Silverlake in Los Angeles. Oh, yes: he also recorded his fourth Horse Stories LP, November, November, to be released on (you guessed it) November 12th on Perfect Black Swan, which is (you guessed it) his own record-label-cum-media-conglomerate.

Still, Burke’s aim isn’t to merely be prolific, it is to create high quality art that stands on its own merit, and wouldn’t you know, he succeeds there, too. His previous work as Horse Stories has been critically lauded and the first track from November, November seems to indicate that trend will continue. “Hummingbird (We’ll Be Okay)” is a rootsy, organic tune led by Burke’s warm vocals and an airy legion of guitars and piano. It places Horse Stories alongside other formidable singing/songwriting peers; fans of the Neil Halsteads, Joe Pernices, and Richard Hawleys of the world will be quickly drawn in by Burke’s performance and craft. There is no denying the melancholy strains in “Hummingbird,” but the way the song develops with additional layers of instrumentation and percussion keeps the sound light and fresh, never weepy. It is emotional without being overwrought, and deceptively complex despite its smooth palate.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. lorna wallace Says:

    I love this song

  2. drax Says:

    hmm. i love horse stories and saw toby burke live a few times, but what’s with the american accent and johnny cash chanelling that’s going on in this song? toby sounded much better when he was singing with his aussie accent and not trying to affect some kind of gruff masculinity. otherwise the instrumentation is great and the structured vocal harmonies create a lovely blanket of warm sounds to underpin the simplicity of the tune.