Hey Rosetta! “Yer Spring”

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Hey Rosetta! “Yer Spring” Hey Rosetta! “Yer Spring”

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I don’t smoke, but after listening to “Yer Spring” I feel like I need a cigarette.

The opening track from Newfoundland, Canada six-piece Hey Rosetta!‘s new LP, Seeds, is the kind of song that takes a lot out of a listener, an epic in miniature whose intensity escalates to greater and greater levels like a fireworks display ramping up to the finale. Bandleader Tim Baker has said “this is a song about that looking for a spring, in every sense of the word: a rebirth, a propulsion, a source of power and nourishment,” and as hyperbolic an artistic statement as that may sound, it pretty much hits the mark.

Bubbling forth from a gentle spring of atmospheric guitars and bass, “Yer Spring” is set in motion by an insistent kick drum and Baker’s soft vocals (which have something of Chris Martin around the edges of their high notes). Things build quickly from there, reaching loftier new plateaus before charging forth to the next elevation. Eventually, around the 3:18 mark, this leads to one of the sweetest payoffs in recent memory, a satisfying, climactic surge that finds Hey Rosetta! rocketing upward on their own momentum.

Although Hey Rosetta! have enjoyed some acclaim in their native Canada, they have yet to significantly break through to audiences in other countries. They clearly have the talent to do so, however, and here is hoping that tracks like “Yer Spring” will be just the thing to make it happen.

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