Friday Mile “Lives of Strangers”

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Friday Mile “Lives of Strangers” Friday Mile “Lives of Strangers”

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Jace Krause and Hannah Williams, the two songwriters behind Seattle’s Friday Mile, met in a music theory class years ago. However, as the songs on their debut full-length reveal, this is a bit misleading. Friday Mile’s songs aren’t concerned with with any sort of avant garde movement–there are no strange time signatures or brain-bending, unorthodox scales in this repertoire. No, their fascinations emanate directly from the more pop-friendly boughs of that great musical tree, branches that have spoked out in the form of artists such as Stevie Nicks and Jenny Lewis. Good Luck Studio, which was released March 2nd on the Timber Carnival label, is all about hooks and harmonies, a suggested (though seldom explicit) pastoral drawl, and the timelessness of a well-placed guitar strum or horn blast.

Good Luck Studio‘s second track is “Lives of Strangers,” a subdued, three-minute indie-pop song that begins with the modest strums of an acoustic guitar. However, it doesn’t take long for Friday Mile to begin adding spices to the pot–Krause and Williams contribute vocal harmonies, layers of percussion shake out a beat, and sumptuous piano notes begin to round out the melodies. Not long thereafter, the warbling chords of an organ expand into the empty spaces, and two-thirds of the way through some unexpected horns enliven things further. Friday Mile teases these elements out gently and incorporates them with skill, creating a song whose infectious choruses are belied by the generally mellow tenor throughout. While it isn’t a trailblazing bit of songcraft, it is a deeply satisfying one which holds up nicely to repeated listens.

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  1. Lucy Parkland Says:

    this band’s haaaaaahhhhht!!!!