Fan Modine “Through the Valley”

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Fan Modine “Through the Valley” Fan Modine “Through the Valley”

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For the better part of a decade and a half, Gordon Zacharias has been releasing records as Fan Modine, packing his songs with melancholy sentiments and lovingly orchestrated indie-pop compositions. Zacharias had gone quiet for six years prior to the release of his new LP, Gratitude for the Shipper, but the time off seems to have served him quite well. Fan Modine’s melodies have never sounded as fully formed and enchanting as they do on the latest record, with the album’s fourth song, “Through the Valley,” serving as a prime example.

“Through the Valley” begins with a half-minute prelude awash with found sounds and lingering guitar and piano notes. It is a spectral mood, all hazy and ghostly, interrupted suddenly by the elastic groove of the song proper. If the shift is unexpected it is also effective, serving as a springboard for bouncy piano chords and the clever string melodies which gild the choruses. The production here comes courtesy of Chris Stamey (of The dB’s fame) and is crisp and bright.

As it continues on, “Through the Valley” keeps snowballing, accelerating forward on its own momentum until its gentle denouement. It is an elegant composition in the vein of tunes by The Chamber Strings or Alex Chilton, but it also has the backbone of acts like Spoon or ELO.

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