Erika Spring “Hidden”

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Electro-pop, Indie-Pop

Erika Spring “Hidden” Erika Spring “Hidden”

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After the members of Au Revoir Simone decided to put things on hold back in 2010, they each took their newfound time to pursue various interests. Some hit the books to further their education or took time to set down family roots, while others like Annie Hart and Erika Forster indulged other musical passions. For Hart, that meant teaming up with her husband Doug Marvin as (previously featured duo) pursesnatchers, while for Forster it took things in a more personal direction. Under the moniker of Erika Spring, Forster put her collection of synthesizers to use as she began dabbling in summery, electronic pop.

In 2011, Forster took her collection of songs to the Brooklyn home studio of Violens‘ Jorge Elbrecht and with his help crafted her debut set of six tracks. The Erika Spring EP was released earlier this month by the international Cascine label (Chad Valley, Selebrities), a refreshing antidote to these long hot days. “Hidden,” the collection’s second track, is underpinned by Elbrecht’s layers of percussion and a see-sawing synthesizer melody. Especially for a home studio production, “Hidden” is smartly assembled with instrumentation and effects slipping in and out of the mix to narcotic effect.

Even with its excellent musical accompaniment, Forster’s voice winds up being the song’s calling card. Where similarly oriented artists like Icona Pop lend a hard-edged vocal approach to the electro-pop template, Forster follows a gentler muse. Her voice never approaches ethereality but is nicely feathered–delicate at times, but never insubstantial. The chemistry of her delivery with the song’s strong beat is completely on point, and with the whole thing clocking in just past the pop-perfect three-minute mark, “Hidden” is one of those songs you’ll want to listen to all season long.

Click here to listen to the Erika Spring EP on Spotify.

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