Electric Sunset “Soda”

By Brad Reno on Thursday, August 12th, 2010  |  5,259 views

Dream-pop, Indie Rock

Electric Sunset “Soda” Electric Sunset “Soda”

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Electric Sunset is the new nom de plume of Nicolaas Zwart, formerly of the Pacific Northwest indie outfit Desolation Wilderness. While he still retains that band’s slightly otherworldly ambience with Electric Sunset, he brings a decidedly more electronic vibe to the proceedings than Desolation Wilderness’ more guitar-centric approach.

“Soda” is the sixth track from Electric Sunset’s eponymous debut LP, set for a September 7th release by K Records. It kicks off with a minimal percussion beat and moody washes of synthesizer before expanding into a shimmering electronic pulse, all tied together by Zwart’s delicate vocals. This approach to building tension and release is as old as the hills, but it’s still used for the simple fact that it’s effective. Like a good hook, the slow build is something that will never go out of style in pop music for good reason.

The final element falls into place when a repetitive, twangy guitar line drops in atop the electronic haze after the first verse. Zwart croons lyrics about four a.m., seeing light through a blue-light glass, and how the way a certain someone smiles at him makes him feel alright. The lyrics are mostly fragmentary, but in the chorus Zwart does advise the listener to “drink some soda” in a quasi-falsetto, giving the song its title which still feels like something of a non sequitur anyway.

The atmosphere of the song conjures up the feeling of between sleep and wakefulness as dim light begins to filter in through the bedroom. It’s a comforting and beguiling state of consciousness that Electric Sunset captures well with “Soda.”

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