Electric President “Safe and Sound”

By One Track Mind on Friday, April 2nd, 2010  |  8,479 views

Indie Rock, Indie-Pop

Electric President “Safe and Sound” Electric President “Safe and Sound”

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Over the course of two full-lengths and a couple of singles for the excellent German label Morr Music (also see: The Go Find, Seabear, and Lali Puna), Jacksonville duo Electric President has carved out a little niche in my heart for their electronic-tinged indie-pop arrangements. The band is comprised of Ben Cooper, who has also recorded solo work for Morr under the Radical Face moniker, and Alex Kane. Electric President made their debut in 2006, and released their third album, The Violent Blue, this past February. For their latest effort, the group tamped down the electronic underpinnings and went the domestic route in releasing the record, signing with New Haven’s Fake Four Inc.

“Safe and Sound” is the disc’s third track and opens with a prelude dominated by resonating drum thwacks and the occasional piano chord. About thirty seconds in, the first of many additional layers kick in, giving the song an organic, dynamic sense of locomotion. Over the course of four minutes, the song becomes saturated with vocal harmonies and subtle instrumental shadings–a bass line emerges, a piano takes and then surrenders the lead, a squall of distortion heaves just below the foreground–all without ever overshadowing the simple beauty of the composition. It is a highwire act, that weaving between sonic texture and unostentatious grace, but Electric President handle the challenge perfectly, always aware of when to tighten the reins and when to let themselves loose.

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  1. bobmarley148 Says:

    great great great song!!!!

  2. LoveStrong Says:

    This song is great! wish i could play it. Does anyone know the chords for this song?