Dominant Legs “Hoop of Love”

By Emily Becker on Friday, June 29th, 2012  |  686 views

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Dominant Legs “Hoop of Love” Dominant Legs “Hoop of Love”

Note: this is the final installment in a series of “lost” posts originally slated to run in late 2011.

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“Hoop of Love” is as tight as the skin on a rototom. This uplifting track lifts moods. It is unquestionably powerful pop without falling into the trappings that often define “power pop.”

A simple guitar riff holds all of the many moving parts that keep “Hoop of Love” rolling along. The mix buries the vocals in a variety of keyboard runs and snare beats, so it’s not always clear exactly what front man Ryan Lynch and keyboardist Hannah Hunt are singing about.

The muddied vocals don’t stop listeners from enjoying “Hoop of Love.” You don’t have to hear every word. With lines such as “Oh, are you wanting to know the joy? / Oh are you wanting to know for sure?” the song communicates its message (anxious but optimistic about love) loud and clear.

The uptempo bridge shows off the tonal synchrony between Lynch and Hunt. Think late era Rilo Kiley without all the residual anger fueled the dynamic between Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennet.

Like the full sound on “Hoop of Love,” Bay Area popsters Dominant Legs are growing in size. The project began as a solo effort by singer songwriter Lynch. Before long Hunt joined Lynch. A current Facebook snapshot shows Dominant Legs as a quintet. If they continue to add members at the current rate they will be the size of a full orchestra by 2014.

After their EP Young at Love and Life was well received in 2010, Dominant Legs wasted no time created a follow up. The band’s first full-length release, Invitation, which includes “Hoop of Love,” came out on Lefse Records in 2011.

Click here to listen to Invitation on Spotify.

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