CREEP “Days (Azari & III remix)”

By Emily Becker on Monday, April 18th, 2011  |  2,888 views

Electro-pop, House

CREEP “Days (Azari & III remix)” CREEP “Days (Azari & III remix)”

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Once upon a time, two Brooklyn-based DJs named Lauren both loved the color black. They teamed up with the xx’s Romy Madley Croft (is there a more British sounding name in music today?) to create “Days,” a gothic swamp of sultry vocals and measured beats, which the Young Turks label released in January 2011 as a vinyl 12. CREEP’s release also included the remix of “Days” courtesy of Toronto’s Azari & III. Although it may take a flow chart to follow the phylogeny of their remix of “Days,” the song stands on its own even if the listener chooses to ignore its complex back story.

Madley-Croft sings, “My nights are turning into days, but I don’t notice anything’s changed,” but as it turns out, Azari & III did have a few changes in mind. They sped up the tempo, and added a distinct, pulsing rhythm to the backbeat. These alterations catapult the sultry seduction of “Days” from a private tête à tête to an all-out dance floor fête. The remix is more incessant than the original at every turn, so even when the song’s tempo does slow at the break, it is only long enough to catch ones breath before the extended instrumental section that brings this version of “Days” to a close.

Remixes of “Days” are popping up everywhere, including on Denver-based electronica whiz (and former OTM featured artist) Pictureplane’s Negative Slave mixtape, so CREEP fans without a turntable can still get a different “Days” for practically any day of the week.

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