Band Submissions

Thanks for wanting to share your music with One Track Mind’s readers! We always love discovering new and under the radar artists.

In order to maintain a certain set of sitewide expectations for our readers, there are a few qualifications for having your music considered on the site. Please note that you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You must have a new, commercially available recording which has been released within the past two months or which will release at a definitive date in the future.
  2. By “commercially available,” we mean our readers must be able to acquire your album, through purchase or download, from an internet site (Amazon, eMusic, Insound, your band website, etc.).
  3. You must be willing to provide one featured song from the release for free streaming and download on One Track Mind. (That should one is a deal-breaker for obvious reasons.)
  4. Your music must be awesome. (Another obvious deal-breaker, right?)

Assuming that sounds like you, please send us the information below!

Please note that due to the volume of correspondence we receive, it is impossible to respond to every submission. After all, “we” is just one dude who does this for the love of the music and has to do other things to pay the rent. However, every submission is listened to and every submission is greatly appreciated. Thanks and good luck!

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PS – Where it says “URL of MP3 File” above, just paste in the address of the MP3 you would like considered. It can be on your website, a label website, wherever. Just something beginning with http:// and ending in .mp3 Due to the hazards of stranger danger, we can’t check out links to file hosting sites like Mediafire, YouSendIt, et al.