California Wives “Blood Red Youth”

By Brad Reno on Monday, December 27th, 2010  |  2,973 views

Indie Rock

California Wives “Blood Red Youth” California Wives “Blood Red Youth”

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The intro to “Blood Red Youth” by Chicago’s California Wives sounds like someone had an “aha!” moment and decided to be a motorik version of The Cars – a fairly obvious notion now that one thinks of it, but not one that seems to have ever turned up before, beyond bits of The Cars’ own Panorama album. The song starts out with a propulsive drumbeat reminiscent of Neu!, before a Greg Hawkes-style synthesizer flourish joins the proceedings. It’s a natural fit, making one wonder why more people haven’t attempted to drive The Cars down the autobahn.

The analogy doesn’t quite carry through the entire song, as Jayson Kramer’s decidedly un-Ocasek vocals take over and the band settles in to a more standard post-punk groove. The motorik beat remains, but the guitars owe more to people like Joy Division’s Bernard Sumner or Gang of Four’s Andy Gill and the arrangement is more skeletal than the synthesizers at the start would have indicated. Kramer’s vocals are a melodic update of the classic new wave deadpan vocal style.

Despite the release of their five-song Affair EP this past September, California Wives are currently unsigned to any label – a situation that songs like “Blood Red Youth” ought to remedy. The band demonstrates a knack for memorable hooks and for being able to mix and match influences to create their own distinct identity.

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. tamanamana Says:

    I like some indie but this is not one of them.

  2. Jasmine Says:

    Indie rock is unique because it has nice melodies to it, the lyrics are something you dnt hear everyday. This song is definitely fits the criteria.

  3. Nessa Says:

    Somehow it reminds me of Interpol…

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