Butcher the Bar “Bobby”

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Butcher the Bar “Bobby” Butcher the Bar “Bobby”

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“Bobby” is a song you escape into as a listener. Like Moses all swaddled up for his first big adventure, it embraces you and gently carries you along its melodic currents. It’s the sort of song you suddenly realize you’ve been listening to for three minutes without really ever having been aware, the soundtrack to a reverie.

These are all intended as compliments, of course, a testimony on behalf of Butcher the Bar‘s talent for concocting a finely articulated sense of mood. And it certainly isn’t to say that “Bobby” (the second song on Butcher the Bar’s recently released sophomore long-player, For Each A Future Tethered) isn’t deserving of your full attention–far from it! The track has nuance to spare with its deft touches of piano and trumpet, and a folksy groove that Belle and Sebastian would’ve swooned over a decade and a half ago.

Mancunian Joel Nicholson possesses that most enviable of songwriter traits: the ability to singlehandedly conceive of and erect full formed musical ideas which sound like they were the work of a full band. As Butcher the Bar, Nicholson leaves little to be desired in the way his music is written, recorded, and produced. Without this knack, “Bobby” wouldn’t be the beautiful half-dream it is and we would all be the poorer for not having being carried away by its melodies.

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