Basia Bulat “Gold Rush”

By One Track Mind on Monday, October 12th, 2009  |  2,885 views

Alt-Country, Alt-Folk

Basia Bulat “Gold Rush” Basia Bulat “Gold Rush”

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There should be a soft spot in everyone’s heart for a woman who can play a mean hammered dulcimer. Hailing from London (the one in Ontario, not the one in the Kingdom), Basia Bulat is getting all her ducks in a row for the January 26, 2010 release of her sophomore full-length record, Heart of My Own. Oh My Darling, her 2007 debut, was the recipient of much adulation, scoring a slot on the short list for the 2008 Polaris Music Prize, the trans-Atlantic cousin of Britain’s Mercury Prize. In her native Canada, Bulat’s first record was released by Hayden on his Hardwood Records label, and both artists share similar characteristics: distinctive vocals, unique approaches to instrumentation, and an unflinching, uncompromising vision when it comes to what their music should sound like. Bulat may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but anyone who gives her music an honest listen has to admit that she is an incredibly talented, singular voice.

Our first preview of Heart of My Own comes in the form of “Gold Rush,” a three minute piece that burns as hard as any wildfire. It begins over a muted base of stringed instruments and Bulat’s idiosyncratic vocals (imagine the crossroads between Neko Case and Dolores O’Riordan and you’re getting warm), but the simplicity of these opening moments soons gives way to a polyrhythmic, nearly orchestral sea of autoharp, violins, banjos, guitar, and drums. With its twisting melodies and soaring parabolas, the music on “Gold Rush” is impressive in its own right, but it really functions as a showcase for Bulat’s supercharged singing. She has the power of a freight train in those pipes and a gorgeously colored accent that makes everything she belts out sound both charming and deadly. It’s safe to say there are only a handful of singers in the indie world who even come close to Bulat’s talents as a vocalist, and when they are paired with such impeccable musicianship, it is difficult to find room for improvement.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. spencer Says:

    this is beautiful.

    i find this song to be really well made and just so awesome sounding

    it has such a good feel to it
    i feel like i would be in a field just living out my days

    stoked to hear more Basia Bulat

  2. Worm Says:

    She sounds like Shakira??…WTF. Too much going on for me. Meh.