Art Brut “Lost Weekend”

By One Track Mind on Friday, August 26th, 2011  |  905 views

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Art Brut “Lost Weekend” Art Brut “Lost Weekend”

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Given how much we love Art Brut, it’s amazing that the British five-piece hasn’t been previously featured on the site. We remedy that today with a tune to prepare you for all of the horrible/wonderful things you’re bound to do this weekend.

“Lost Weekend” comes to us from Brilliant! Tragic!, the band’s recently released fourth LP. It’s the first installment from the band that shows some big departures from the template set forth on 2005’s Bang Bang Rock & Roll (to which we would apply the superlative “classic” without hesitation). Produced by The Pixies’ Frank Black, Brilliant! Tragic! finds the band experimenting with longer track lengths–half of them check in at over four minutes–and sees vocalist Eddie Argos exploring new corners of his vocal range–as with the perversely hushed tones of this song.

It’s an approach that suits the thematic concerns of “Lost Weekend” quite nicely. Lyrics are a high point of any Art Brut composition and this one is no exception; few vocalists aside from Argos could get away chorus lines like “We took our clothes off and made no sense” and “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you / By saying something stupid like, ‘I love you.'”

The rest of the band backs Argos up ably, although the music here does feel a tad bit neutered compared to the more rambunctious moments found elsewhere in the group’s catalog. Whether that can be traced to a more polished vision imparted by Black behind the console or is simply the natural maturation of a band four records into their career is up for debate, but their trademark sound–a burnished version of The Buzzcocks’ deranged pop–is what forms the core of “Lost Weekend.”

It may take a little longer to grow on fans who have followed the band since their inception, but “Lost Weekend” is unquestionably filled with the uniquely Argosian charm which won them over to begin with.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    I thought I was listening to an Ian Durie cover initially – definitely a departure from the rawness of Art Brut vs. Satan – DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake – Awesome! Still – will always give these guys the time of day 😉