About OTM

One Track Mind is a daily music blog which spotlights a different individual song each day. Each featured track is critically assessed and open to discussion via user ratings and comments.

This site receives no financial or other remunerative considerations for featuring these songs or for posting the accompanying commentary. All tracks are legal, freely distributable MP3s provided by record labels and promotion firms (that’s why we can make them available for download each day).

Most of the content on One Track Mind is produced by site founder Danny de Zayas, who started his first band at the age of twelve and never looked back, spending the intervening years publishing zines, DJing, running an online independent record store, acting as a contributor and editor of music criticism to several publications in an effort to share great music with the world. Born in Miami, Danny lives in Denver with his beautiful and amazingly talented wife Nina, their two daughters, and a fat orange cat.

In the “real world,” Danny and Nina run From the Hip Photo, Colorado’s best reviewed photography company on Yelp.

Emily Becker is a weekly contributor to the site whose work as a freelance music writer has appeared in The Huffington Post, PopMatters, and Venus Zine. She lives outside Buffalo, NY with her husband, two children, and a hard drive full of MP3s. She has probably made you a mix tape.

In the past (and possibly again in the future), One Track Mind produced an hour-long podcast entitled The Hidden Track. The show is co-hosted by Danny and his good friend Jeff, who possesses an equally rigorous set of music geek credentials.

If you would like to write to One Track Mind or submit music for consideration, please refer to the Contact page.