A Lull “Weapons for War”

By Brad Reno on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011  |  1,498 views

Experimental Pop, Indie Rock

A Lull “Weapons for War” A Lull “Weapons for War”

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Chicago has a long and proud tradition of producing challenging yet accessible post-rock bands and experimental indie-rockers blazing any number of trails. The City of Big Shoulders has bequeathed to the world the enormous, primal roar of Big Black; the industrial corrosiveness of Ministry; the repetitive tunefulness of The Sea and Cake; the cut-and-paste pastiches of Joan of Arc; and the prog/jazz/post-rock instrumentals of Tortoise.

Those are just some of the major names. In the pecking of order of American cities, Chicago surely has to reside near the top when it comes to producing bands attempting to push rock music into new directions while stubbornly remaining listenable. Lots of bands can make an ungodly noise – what has made so many of the stars of Chicago great is that they generally keep an eye on solid song construction and melody while they do so.

Now another young bunch from the Windy City have set their caps on joining that list. On “Weapons for War,” A Lull toss all manner of elements that should be annoying or off-putting into the works and end up with a song that’s every bit as catchy as it is initially weird. Honing repetition that recalls The Sea and Cake down to a repetitive, staccato stutter and then laying it atop a layer of percussion that packs the same punishing thump of Big Black or Ministry and then throwing in some Joan of Arc-style found sound sonic collages, A Lull construct a track that could function as a Master’s thesis on Chicago post-rock.

But while A Lull definitely bear the influence of many of their hometown’s guiding lights, they don’t imitate any of them. The listener can definitely hear The Sea and Cake or Joan of Arc in A Lull’s DNA, but “Weapons for War” doesn’t sound very much like anything either of those bands would actually record themselves. Like all the best and most successful offspring, A Lull take the examples of their forebears and turn them into something uniquely their own. They’re definitely a product of Chicago, and on “Weapons for War” they do their city proud.

“Weapons for War” is the first song on Confetti, which was released by Mush Records on April 12th.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. dakotafall86 Says:

    Awesome review but the song is “Weapons for War” not Weapons of War

  2. One Track Mind Says:

    At least we got it right in the title?

    Seriously though, thanks for catching that.